We found Bayeux to be a perfect town from which to explore Normandy. You can find plenty to do in Bayeux and the surrounding area. This lovely town is the home of the famous Bayeux Tapestry and is near by the DDay Beach sites. You can also plan to take the Cider route or visit the gorgeous seaside town of Honfleur both of which are easily accessible from Bayeux. There are also some great restaurants in Bayeux France!

Bayeux France with its quiet river running through the town is one of the best places to base your stay for a visit to the Normandy region of France. Bayeux has a medieval town square and a gorgeous cathedral and was not damaged during the War. There are also some great restaurants in Bayeux France.

Restaurants in Bayeux France:

Here are some of the best places to eat in Bayeux France.

La Rapier

La Rapier is the top rated restaurant in Bayeux and for good reason. If you can only eat at one place while you are in Bayeux make it La Rapier. We had read about the restaurant and asked our B&B hosts to make us reservations to eat there while we were in Bayeux. I’m so glad we did! We loved everything about our meal at La Rapier.

The restaurant is located in the heart of Bayeux and the service is warm and welcoming. The dining room is lovely without being stuffy and feels very rustic French. The food is traditionally French with a bit of a modern spin. The presentation of the food was the best we experienced in our two weeks in France. Above all everything was delicious! Then menu changes depending on available products and it is small so you know that great care is being taken with every dish.

I highly recommend having a meal at La Rapier!

L’Angle Saint Laurent

Farm to table French food with a decidedly modern twist. The owners of L’Angle Saint Laurent are a lovely husband and wife team who use locally sourced, supremely fresh ingredients to create delicious dishes. The architecture and decor of this restaurant are stunning, elegant without being pretentious. Honestly, I could say the same about the food.

The food is amazing. It was beautifully presented and very sophisticated, but still delicious. Everything was excellent. The wine list has a very nice selection of wines from smaller appellations. This place is just about perfect in every way and a great place to eat while you are in Bayeux.

Le Moulin de la Galette

Le Moulin de la Galette is located just near the Tapestry museum which makes it an easy stop for lunch or a drink either before or after a visit to the museum. They have a very atmospheric location right on the river. They have both indoor and outdoor seating. It was cool on the day we were there and the indoor seating was full, however the heaters kept us perfectly comfortable outside.

Galettes are a specialty of Normandy. They are a savory buckwheat crepe with a variety of fillings. You need to try one while you are in the area! The menu options at this restaurant are fairly simple but well prepared with fresh ingredients. You could choose from a variety of galettes as well as many other items. Le Moulin de la Galette has beer on tap and a wine list as well as some choices of cider.

Chez Paulette

Chez Paulette is an adorable lunch place. If you enjoy retro then this is the place for you! It is a little tea room covered in kitsch from the 50’s and 60’s. You might want to stop in for a tea just to get photos of some of the items in the cafe. You can shop, have tea, and eat.

The food was actually really good! We weren’t sure what to expect as the place is a bit of brightly colored jumble. I mean a jumble in the best of ways. There was so much to look at, so much nostalgia, so much familiarity for those of us who might be, ahem, a bit older. The menu had salads, sandwiches, quiches…it was typical lunch and tea room fare, but really well done.

This is a fun place and a slightly different place to eat than what is typical in Bayeux.

Le Garde Manger

Le Garde Manger is the restaurant attached to Hotel Reine Mathilde which is one of the most recommended hotels in town. It is a relaxed and informal place with a fairly extensive menu that has simple and casual fare like burgers as well as some traditional dishes from Normandy.

We enjoyed a casual lunch here and the food was very good. They do not take reservations so this would be a great place to just pop in for a drink, an early dinner, or an afternoon ice-cream. In addition to it just being an easy and delicious place to get a quick bite to eat Le Garde Manger has a lovely terrace – one of the best locations in Bayeux for dining al fresco.

Le Pommier

We had reservations at Le Pommier. This restaurant is named in the Michelin guide and it definitely looked the part of a nice French restaurant with open beams, white tablecloths, and soft lighting. It was quiet and a bit romantic.

We were seated in the front room by the window, a lovely table where we were able to visit with one another and watch the world go by. Our hosts from our bed and breakfast had recommended that we try the seafood here. My husband heeded this advice and I did not. His fish was excellent and a better choice than my lamb. Mine was good, just not as great as his.

I don’t think that Le Pommier was quite as special as La Rapier or L’Angle Saint Laurent which I mentioned above, but it was still very good and a solid choice for a place to eat in Bayeux France.

Coeur De Sushi

There is a sushi restaurant in Bayeux and it is good! This is especially welcome if you have been in France for a while and want something other than French food. The menu was extensive and the sushi was excellent. You can even order take out from Coeur De Sushi. Take out is a rarity in this area so it was nice to be take advantage of that! They do have a nice dining area and I would definitely suggest reservations if you prefer to dine in.

La Maison B

This was one of the only restaurants open on a Sunday night in Bayeux. It is decorated all in red; red banquettes, chairs, walls and carpets. As you might imagine it looks a bit bordello-esque. We were seated in an alcove at the back of the restaurant. The clientele seemed to be mostly tourists, but I don’t always rule out a restaurant on that basis! Sometimes there are tourists in a restaurant because it is, in fact, good!

The wine list here…hmmmm…did they actually have a wine list? I’m not sure. We were told that the list had “the expensive ones and the bad one” and were encouraged to choose from a selection of bottles, all 21E, which were sitting on top of the piano. We laughingly went along with the program and made a choice. The wine was fine – not amazing – but fine.

Sadly, the meal was hit and miss. One item would be good and the next average or below. Unfortunately the apple tart (which should be amazing as this is what Normandy is known for) was really not good at all. We each took one bite and pushed it aside.

The service was friendly, but interesting. The owner is a quirky guy who likes to entertain the guests by playing the piano…or getting the guests to play. We are very go with the flow and have a high tolerance for “quirk,” but if you read reviews of this restaurant you will find that other people do not.

Unfortunately, this is the only restaurant in Bayeux that we tried that I can’t highly recommend.

Notes about eating in Bayeux France.

Be aware that many restaurants in this area as well as in France in general are closed on Sundays and/or Mondays. Also the restaurants tend to be small and they will never rush you in order to turn over a table. This is great for the diner with a reservation but it does mean that there typically aren’t many seats available. For many of the restaurants reservations will be necessary particularly if you are in the area during high season.

Food specialities of Normandy France

  • Cider – which also includes Calvados which is an apple brandy. Normandy does not have the climate to grow grapes so there are no local wines, however they grow lots and lots of apples which means that cider is the drink of choice in Normandy. It is excellent and pairs perfectly with the local cuisine!
  • Apples, especially tarts or apple desserts – do remember that this will not be as sweet as an apple pie or tart that you might have in the US
  • Cheese and dairy products in general. Normandy is particularly known for Camembert cheese and its wonderfully rich butter and cream. You can imagine how good the cream is with the apples!
  • Seafood especially mussels and oysters.
  • Crepes and galettes. Apparently Normandy and its neighbor Brittany argue about who created the crepe and galette. I haven’t been to Brittany, but you will see crepes and galettes in restaurants all over Normandy. Galettes are made of buckwheat flour and are usually savory while the crepes are made of wheat flour and are usually sweet.

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All the best restaurants in Bayeux France. There are plenty of great places to eat in Bayeux. This is a perfect little town in the Normandy region of France.

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