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We are Karen, Emily, and Ellen, a mother and two daughters who all adore travel, fashion, food, decor, and making a home for our families!

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Our strengths

Our strengths are creating content for social media, writing, and making connections with people. We are all creative people who tend to be chock full of ideas.

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We have multiple platforms

Emily and Karen also blog at Somewhere In Arkansas. Arkansas is our home state and when Emily was furloughed from flight attendant life during the pandemic they needed a creative outlet. It has taken off!

Ellen and her husband live in Tennessee. We have plans for a new Tennessee blog coming soon!

Karen also blogs at Somewhere Down South where she shares the food, people, places, and stories of the southern US.

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We would love to discuss the ways we might partner with you to create authentic, exciting and informative content for your brand! 

Some points of interest might be:

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  • Social media campaigns
  • Sponsored destination visits

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