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Hey y’all!

Thanks so much for stopping by! I’m Emily and I look forward to sharing my life and travels and my love of fashion with you!

Here is a little bit about me.

Meet Emily

I am a southern girl who has always yearned to see the world. I was born in south Florida and raised in Arkansas. Although I majored in speech therapy in college I knew immediately after graduation that the very last thing I wanted to do was to go to graduate school.

After bouncing around from job to job for a while I finally found the PERFECT career for me!

I am currently a flight attendant for a major airline and I love it!

The flight attendant lifestyle is an excellent fit for my personality. I adore change and travel and people and I really dislike routine and sitting still. Being a flight attendant allows me to be on the go as much or as little as I want as well as providing me great stories and travel tips for YOU! I totally welcome this crazy lifestyle that I lead.

I’m also a newlywed! Daniel is the love of my life and we recently eloped to Colorado for an amazing and personal mountain wedding.

young couple getting married on a mountain.

As far as fashion goes, I have always been this odd mix of super girly and super sporty. I adore cute clothes, but I also love to kick around in sports wear and tennis shoes with no makeup and my hair in a messy bun on top of my head.

I’ll show you a little bit of everything that I love, but I can assure you that you will not typically find me on top of a mountain in a long flowing dress…although I made an exception for my elopement!

Speaking of sports, I love them! I played basketball and volley ball in high school and did as many intramural sports in college as possible…but my current sports obsession is tennis and I play any chance I get.

ouray, colorado elopement

What To Expect From Wear I Wandered

I’ll be writing about travel, telling you where I love to go and what I love to eat and do there. I’ll also be offering travel tips and tell you the nitty gritty about what it is *really* like to be a flight attendant,

Come join me on all my adventures!

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About Somewhere Down South

I have another blog that I write with my mom, Karen! (And no, she is nothing like a “Karen.” Haha!)

We are wonderful friends who really enjoy spending time together. Somewhere Down South is a blog we write about the people, places, and food of the South. Mom also helps me with the back end of this blog as well as doing some of the photography and writing.

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