27 Fun Date Night at Home Ideas

I have to admit that one advantage to being furloughed as a flight attendant was getting to spend more time with my new husband! At the time of the pandemic we were newlyweds and came up with a lot of fun date night at home ideas!

Now that the world is back to normal we are parents of a beautiful little girl who is now a very busy toddler!

My husband has started a new job, I am both working in social media and going back to my job as a flight attendant after my maternity leave. And although we do occasionally get a babysitter and go out on a date night, sometimes it’s just nicer, and definitely more cost effective, to stay home!

Here are a few of our great date night at home ideas!

Date Night at Home Ideas

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Make Homemade Pizzas Together

Get together all your favorite ingredients: pepperoni, prosciutto, mozzarella, arugula. Pour yourselves a glass of wine. Turn on your favorite Italian music, and just enjoy being in the moment together!

Cook in this heart shaped pizza pan to add a little more pizzazz!

make a heart shaped pizza for a special date night at homePin

Take an Online Dancing Class

How fun would this be? You can find a bunch of free classes on YouTube or there are some good ones that you can pay for. My husband and I have not been blessed with the gift of dance, so we can honestly use all the help we can get!

This is a perfect way to connect and do something outside of the norm. Get dressed up, have fun with it, and don’t take yourself too seriously!

Game Night

Competition is always welcome in our household! We love games and find them to be a great way to have fun while competing.

Obviously, there are some couples who might be a little TOO competitive for this to be a fun activity, but we enjoy it.

One of our favorite games is Sushi Go. We normally play this with the family when we gather for the holidays, but 2 people can play it as well. Exploding Kittens is a new game that we’ve been liking recently.

Jenga is fun for two. If you are word-type people you can always play Scrabble.

There are also lots of card games for two people, one of our favorites being the fast paced game of Dutch Blitz. The problem with Dutch Blitz is that I ALWAYS win. Haha.

Travel Inspired Themed Night

You can travel in your imagination!

Plan a date night with food, decor, and a movie all based around a place that you’d love to go. Dreaming of Paris? Open a bottle of French wine, put on some French music, cook a Parisian stye dinner together, then end the evening with a movie set in Paris!

Paint Together with a Paint by Numbers Kit

Pick out an adult paint by numbers kit and paint together at home for a fun and creative at home date night.

If you haven’t looked at a paint by numbers kit lately you might be surprised at how lovely some of them are. You might create a new masterpiece to hang on your walls!

Learn About and Discuss Your Love Languages

Do you know your partner’s love languages? A great at home date night activity is to learn about and discuss what makes each of you feel loved and cared for.

You can read the love language book, but there is also a love language card game that could be fun for a date night as it give conversation starters for couples.

Sleep in a Fort

I LOVED building forts when I was little. Even though we are adults Daniel and I still like to act like children every once in a while.

Build a fort in your living room, add a grown up touch with wine and a charcuterie board and snuggle in the fort together with a bunch of blankets and pillows.

Y’all this barefoot dreams blanket is the best thing ever! It is a little pricy, but it is big enough for two to snuggle under and is incredibly soft and cozy!

Plan a Dream Vacation Together

Where do you want to go? What do you want to do when you get there? Where would be a great place to stay.

Spend a date night at home reading travel books, scouring blog posts, and watching You Tube videos to plan the perfect dream vacation together.

We have a great checklist that you can use when planning a trip to Europe.

A great way to connect with your partner is to plan a perfect trip togetherPin

At Home Spa Date

It would be so fun to do a facial mask together or try a steam treatment! While your mask is setting you can also soak your feet in warm water followed by a foot scrub and then give each other foot massages.

A stay at home spa night is a perfect way to relax and reconnect.

Play Video Games

Completely relax and let your hair down by spending an evening playing some of your favorite video games! Relive your childhood by playing Mario Kart.

Overcooked is a challenging and silly game that will make you work together to pass some of the levels.

If you want a little exercise you can play the music video game Just Dance.

Write or Record Your Love Story

Write down or make a video of your love story together. Share how you met and when you each knew that you were in love.

Express how your love has grown during the time you’ve been together and what your hopes and dreams are for your future.

This could even be something that you do yearly on a special anniversary.

Have a Movie Night Featuring Your Favorite Childhood Movies

Want to keep it simple?

Nothing is easier for a date night at home than a movie night. To make it even more fun you can watch each others favorite childhood movies and serve your favorite childhood snacks.

Have a Fondue Night

There is something about fondue that is just romantic. Start with a cheese fondue and dip in bread and vegetables. Finish the evening with a chocolate fondue with strawberries and bananas and pound cake for dipping.

We have this electric fondue pot that we received as a wedding gift and we really like it. You might prefer a more traditional fondue pot that uses a flame for heat.

Work a Puzzle

Spread a puzzle out on the dining table and work it together while you chat and laugh.

You could probably finish a 500 piece puzzle in one evening or choose a bigger puzzle to keep working for several nights.

working a jigsaw puzzle is a great thing to do for a stay at home date nightPin

Play a Couples Card Game

I’ve already mentioned the love languages card game.

Some other couples card games that you might want to try for a date night at home are The Ultimate Game for Couples or the game Talk, Flirt, Dare.

Make a Bucket List of Things You Want to do Together

Spend an evening dreaming of your future and making a list of everything that you hope to accomplish and experience as a couple. From attending the Kentucky Derby to kissing on top of the Eiffel Tower to owning a home to getting a dog.

Creating your own personal couples bucket list is one of the most meaningful date night at home ideas.

Learn to roll Sushi

Get your own sushi making kit, pick up some ingredients, and learn to make sushi!

You can learn from a beginners sushi cookbook or take a look on YouTube where you will find bunches of sushi making classes.

Making sushi together is a fun thing for a couple to do together at home Pin

Make Tie Dyed T-Shirts

Want to do something fun and creative on your date night at home? Tie dye shirts together!

You can start with a few T-shirts from the local hobby store and even buy a tie dye kit to use. I’ve read that you can also use food coloring to tie dye, but I confess I’ve never tried this myself.

Write Each Other Love Letters and Read Them to One Another

Take some time to write one another a love letter and then read them aloud. This is such a meaningful activity. You might even want to write them on pretty paper to keep for later.

Take a Cooking Class

In my opinion, there isn’t much that is better than cooking a great meal with your partner.

You can plan a menu together and cook something that neither of you have made before. Or even more fun might be to take an online cooking class and prepare a wonderful meal together while being guided by an online expert.

Sur La Table offers online cooking classes that are some of the most reasonably priced that I have seen!

Stargaze From Your Own Backyard

Get out the lawn chairs and lay back and watch the stars while holding hands with your sweetheart. If it’s cold out grab a couple of electric blankets to use outside!

Ask Each Other the “36 Questions that Lead to Love”

Have you heard of the 36 Questions that Lead to Love? They came from an article in the New York Times and were inspired by the real psychology behind how intimacy forms. The idea is that vulnerability leads to closeness.

These questions are supposed to help two people get to truly know and understand one another so that they can fall in love or…fall deeper in love.

Take turns asking each other the questions and listening closely to the way your partner answers.

Have Breakfast in Bed in the Evening

Make a luxurious breakfast and climb in bed to eat it on footed bamboo trays. Treat yourself to mimosas and pancakes and the works.

Go on a Virtual Tour of a Museum

Many museums now have virtual tours! Pick a museum that you’ve always wanted to visit and take a virtual tour of it together. You can travel from your living room to the Vatican Museums or to the Natural HIstory Museum in London.

Many other museums now have virtual tours so just do a search to find your favorite.

Take Some Personality Tests and Compare Your Results

Do you know your Myer’s Briggs type or your Enneagram? What about your partner’s personality type?

For an interesting date night at home take some of the free personality tests that are easy to find online and then read about your personality types. This will give you great insight to you and your partners personalities and motivations. This is a great way to understand one another better.

Do a DIY project around your home

Have you been wanting to wall paper your guest bathroom? Or paint your bedroom? Make it a date!

Gather the supplies and then work together to get a DIY project done in your home. Play some music and keep it fun. You learn so much about someone when you do a project together and feel such a sense of accomplishment when is is complete.

Make a scrapbook together

This can be an old fashioned scrapbook or one that you do online. Daniel and I have been working on a photo album/scrapbook from our first year of marriage and it is so much fun.

You not only get to be creative and but also get to take a walk down memory lane together.

Hope this list of date night at home ideas has been helpful! Let me know if you try any of them.

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