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The Loire Valley looks exactly the way you imagine the French countryside to look, except even prettier!

We found Amboise in the Loire Valley of France to be a perfect place to base to see some of the glorious chateaux of the area. Amboise has a reputation for being a bit touristy but I think that is because it is such a beautiful and easy to access town.

The influx of tourists means that there are some great hotels in Amboise France!

I want to mention that many of the hotels in Amboise are on the posh and pricy side. You will see that they are often located in old manor homes which have been turned into hotels.

Many of the hotels in Amboise, France that I mention below are a cross between a hotel and a bed and breakfast.

View of the homes of Amboise in the Loire Valley of France. The photo is taken from the grounds of the Chateau d'Amboise. There are some great hotels in Amboise France and it is a wonderful place to stay.

Favorite Hotels in Amboise France

Le Manoir Saint Thomas

Le Manoir Saint Thomas is a gorgeous and luxurious hotel. It is wonderfully located between the Chateau d’Amboise and Clos Luce.

It is an old manor home which has been converted into a small hotel. There are 10 rooms, lounges, lovely gardens, and a swimming pool.

The hotel is perfect in that although it has been updated it has maintained its connection with the past. You can feel the the history of the home as well as of the town of Amboise while still enjoying all the modern amenities.

There is air-conditioning and the bathrooms are modern and lovely. The owner and staff are all very personable and helpful.

We stayed here fairly recently and I highly recommend this hotel.

Manoir les Minimes

Manoir les Minimes is another lovely manor house that has been converted into a hotel.

For all its grandeur this is a warm and charming place. It is located in an old neighborhood of Amboise very near the royal chateau.

The rooms are decorated in warm neutral soothing colors, some have old beams on the ceilings and some have large windows with a spectacular view of the Chateau d’Amboise, all have air-conditioning, wifi, and modern bathrooms.

It is not right in the center of town but only a very short walk away.

Hotel Le Clos D’Amboise

And once again…Hotel le Clos D’Amboise is a hotel converted from what was a huge home in the 17th century. I can’t even imagine the wealth that must have once been in this area for there to be so many huge manor houses concentrated in one town!

This chateau became a hotel in 2003 and was renovated/upgraded into a luxury hotel in 2011. It has a huge, immaculate, central garden with old trees and a swimming pool.

The rooms are decorated with reds and golds and other jewel tones.

They range quite a bit in size so do check the website so that you know what you are getting. There is also a restaurant on site which gets good reviews.

Chateau De Pray

Chateau de Pray is a four star hotel located on the south bank of the Loire very close to Amboise. It is a 13th century castle surrounded by a 5 acre park with gardens, patios, and a heated pool. 

The castle is beautiful and evocative with taupe stone, a dark grey roof, and a turret/tower on each of the front corners.

The Chateau de Pray manages to be both luxurious and inviting. I don’t like places that feel self-important and this hotel doesn’t. There are 15 rooms in the castle and 4 in a more modern annex.

The rooms range greatly in size and price so be sure and take a look at the website. Also note that the rooms in the annex are 2 story rooms just in case mobility is a problem.

There is also a Michelin starred restaurant on site.

Hotel Au Charme Rabelaisien

Hotel Au Charme Rabelaisien is a luxury bed and breakfast. It is very near the castle in Amboise and has a small garden with a heated swimming pool which provides a bit of tranquility after a busy day of viewing chateaux.

There is onsite parking which is really nice when staying right in the city of Amboise. The Hotel Au Charme Rabelaisien has 10 very nice, updated rooms.

The most unique thing about this bed and breakfast is that there is also a spa! The wellness area is in a new building on the property and has a sauna, a jacuzzi hot tub, and a massage area.

You will need to reserve in advance for a massage and there is also a charge to use the sauna and hot tub.

Le Manoir De La Maison Blanche

Le Manoir De La Maison Blanche is a bed and breakfast which is just a short drive from Amboise. It is in a perfect location to visit the chateaux in the area.

The boutique hotel is surrounded by farmland and wooded areas with gorgeous large trees.

The rooms are very spacious and all have private bathrooms. Each room is unique often with beamed ceilings and exposed brick. Even though the place has been renovated with modern comforts the character of the buildings has been left completely intact.

Breakfast is included and served in a sunlight filled, bright and airy room. There are animals on the property which for me adds to the charm!

We loved our stay in Amboise and found it to be a perfect base for our explorations of the Loire Valley. Hope you are able to find your favorite hotels in Amboise France.

Enjoy the Loire Valley and all the Chateaux!

There are also some excellent restaurants in Amboise that you might want to try.

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