Great Gifts For Flight Attendants

Do you have a friend or family member who is a flight attendant? I promise you that they are struggling this year. They might have been furloughed. Or they might be sitting in a crash pad somewhere hoping against hope to get called for a flight. If they are working they are wearing masks and dealing with disgruntled and sometimes noncompliant passengers. As a flight attendant I can assure you that flight attendants would really appreciate a little thoughtfulness during these times so I have compiled a list of great gifts for flight attendants!

Gifts For Flight Attendants

flight attendant in her hotel room tired at the end of a long day. Great gifts for flight attendants.

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Body Scrub

Your favorite flight attendant sometimes needs to scrub the cares of the day away. I use this Tree Hut Moroccan Rose scrub all the time! It makes my skin so soft and it smells amazing! This is seriously one of my favorite bath products and I think that other flight attendants would appreciate this gift as well.

Airplane Mode Sweatshirt

Most of the time when flying I am a slam clicker. Haha. That is a flight attendant who gets to her hotel room, slams the door and clicks the lock and isn’t seen again until time for the next flight. I like nothing better than something cozy to wear at the end of a long day. This airplane mode sweatshirt tells the world that the flight attendant is off-duty!

Power Bank

Flight Attendants rarely have the time or a place to charge their gadgets when they are flying all day. But when we arrive at our destination we need a phone to be able to call an Uber or a shuttle to get to our hotel or to just let our loved ones know that we have arrived. A power bank would be a great gift to keep your flight attendant connected. This Anker PowerCore portable charger is small and lightweight. Perfect to keep in a flight bag.

Water Bottle

Flying all day is super dehydrating so most flight attendants try to sip on water all day long as they work. I know I do. This Takeya stainless steel water bottle is top rated. It has a spout lid that is easy to drink from but will still keep it from splashing in case of a bumpy flight. It comes in a ton a great colors. Best of all it keeps us from reaching for another plastic water bottle! The passengers already use plenty of those.

Facial Mist Spray

A great facial mist spray would be a perfect gift for your favorite flight attendant. Sometimes we have a day of short flights with lots of loading and unloading. It would be nice to take a minute to refresh ourselves between flights and prepare to smile happily at the next load of passengers. This Mario Bedescu facial mist set would be an ideal gift.

Passport Holder

A combination wallet and passport holder would be great for those long-haul international flights. This passport holder is classic and stylish. It comes in a myriad of colors with just a simple airplane emblem on the front. It also holds credit cards and is Rfid blocking!

Airplane necklace

I think that this pretty and feminine sterling silver choker necklace would be a nice for either a Christmas present or a flight attendant graduation gift!

These airplane cufflinks might be fun as well.

Flight Attendant “Stuff”

I mentioned the airplane necklace above and it might seem crazy but most of us really do like airplanes and other flight attendant gift “stuff.” Our jobs might drive us crazy, but we mostly think it is the best job in the world and can’t imagine doing anything else! The “what day is it” mug pictured is hilariously true. I also like this stainless steel wine tumbler. Here is an adorable T-shirt, and a cute little airplane Christmas ornament.

Apple Watch Band

Flight attendants are required to wear a watch and many of them choose to wear an apple watch. An apple watch band or two or three would be a wonderful way for them to personalize their watch. These Marge bands are nice and slim and come in a bunch of colors. Or if you want to go all out you can just gift them a new Apple watch!

Hand and Body Lotions

I have always had oily skin so it was shocking to me to discover how dry I get when I’m flying a lot. I use a lot more lotion than I used to! I also wash my hands constantly when working so I need to re-moisturize my hands often. Because we don’t want to overpower the passengers with lots of scents most of us use unscented lotions when flying. Mostly I just use plain old Cetaphil lotion. But if you want to give a flight attendant a splurge lotion then I suggest June Jacobs Rapid Repair Lotion. I love this stuff! They also make this formulation for men.

Wall Map

My home has become so much more important to me since I became a flight attendant! I want it to feel like a sanctuary and still give me a reminder of how much I love my job and traveling the world. I have this wooden wall map and I LOVE it. I think that this is a great gift idea for a flight attendant or anyone who loves to travel the world. Also for the home this vintage cat flight attendant pillow cover is adorable.

Comfortable Shoes

Female flight attendants have to wear heels when they greet passengers. We can change into flats when we start doing cabin service. As you can imagine comfortable shoes are a MUST. I wear this Mary Jane style from Sofft and they are perfect for work. It might seem weird to give a pair of shoes as a flight attendant gift, but I assure you your flight attendant will it. This job is hard on shoes, y’all.! Think kicking carts.

Travel Shawl

A soft and cozy travel shawl is a perfect gift for a flight attendant or a frequent traveler. Flight attendants often leave somewhere warm, like Houston, and end up somewhere freezing like New York, or vice-versa. When you get out of the airport without a coat it is nice to have something easy to throw around your shoulders while you wait for the shuttle. It is also soothing to have something soft and cozy in your hotel room.

Cute Pajamas

After spending my days in a uniform and pantyhose and heels nothing is better than putting on a cute and comfortable pajama set and settling in for a night of binge watching and browsing Instagram. I think that cute pajamas or baggy, comfy pajama bottoms would be a great idea for a flight attendant gift.

Gift Cards

Gift cards are never a bad idea! If you are looking for some stocking stuffers you can throw in some Starbucks gift cards. I mean a flight attendant has to have their coffee or chai or those early morning flights. A Sephora gift card or an Ulta gift card are also good gift ideas. Female flight attendants have to have a lot of lipstick. We are supposed to have red lips for takeoff and landing in case of emergency so that the passengers can better tell what we are saying.

Thanks everybody for stopping by. Be kind to your flight attendants when you travel! They are working hard to serve you and to keep you safe!

I hope that you enjoyed this list of gifts for the flight attendants in your life. I promise that they will enjoy any of these flight attendant gift ideas!

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Here is a list of wonderful gifts for the Flight Attendant in your life! There are some great flight attendants gift ideas in this post!

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