Wondering what to wear in Texas?

My husband and I recently took a little vacation to the Texas Hill Country. This was a place that I had never been before and I HIGHLY recommend it! There was so much beauty and charm, great food, and everyone we met was so nice and friendly. You can read more about what we did in the Texas section of my other blog, Somewhere Down South.

I had so much fun on this little Texas weekend get-away. Here are some ideas for what to wear in Texas as well as some packing tips for a Texas vacation!

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General Packing Tips For ANY Destination

Before I get into the specifics of packing for Texas let me give you a few packing tips for ANY destination!

Always, Always Check the Weather Before You Leave

It is best not just to assume that you know what the weather will be. Always check the weather report in the days before you take a trip. This will give you time to add or remove a jacket, throw in an umbrella, or completely redo what you had planned to bring.

I’ll never forget FREEZING in Florence Italy in June because I had forgotten to check the weather and had packed nothing for cold weather.

Are You Packing Light or Bringing Whatever You Want?

Decide whether or not you are going light before you start packing.

Some of this may depend on how far you are going and whether or not you are flying or road-tripping. Honestly, If we are taking a road trip I pretty much bring whatever I want.

When I’m flying I pack much lighter. In fact I often pack in a carry on when I’m flying. It’s crazy, but sometimes I bring less on a trip to Europe than I do on a road trip to the next state.

What About Luggage?

Do you want something on wheels or do you want to carry your luggage on your back?

I’m a wheels person myself!

I do love the Away Bag Bigger Carry On but it is a little pricy! If you are looking for a carry on that is high quality but a little less expensive check out the Amazon Basics Carry On. It is well under $100 and gets great reviews!

Roll or Fold?

Almost every packing guru will tell you that you need to roll your clothing rather than fold them. Y’all, I just can’t do it! I’m a folder not a roller.

However, I do LOVE using packing cubes and definitely recommend them. These are my favorite packing cubes.

You can divide items up anyway you like: by outfits, or tops in one and bottoms in another…pajamas, swimwear, etc.

I personally like to set up outfits, but do whatever works for you!

If you are really trying to squeeze a lot into a small suitcase you can use these Compression Cubes by Eagle Creek!

It’s all About the Layers

When you travel you are always going to want to think about packing in layers. This is something you do automatically at home…you throw on a cardigan when you go out on a spring morning knowing that you will be removing it by afternoon.

Layers are something that you will need to think about a little more than normal as you pack for a trip.

As you put together your outfits always ask yourself questions like: Do I have something I can throw on over this if it gets cool in the evening. Or, will I still like this outfit if it gets hot and I have to take the jacket off?

My favorite layer y’all? Always a denim jacket! I like mine a little oversized and kind of basic like this cute denim jacket on Amazon.

Layers, y’all. Super important.

A Few More Basic Packing Tips

Put the heaviest items towards the wheels or in the bottom of the bag when it is standing up! This will make a rolling bag more stable and not as likely to fall over and it will make your backpack more comfortable.

Choose travel friendly fabrics (meaning things that don’t wrinkle) You don’t want to spend your vacation ironing do you? However, if you do bring something that wrinkles consider using this travel steamer instead of an iron.

Bring a bag for dirty laundry to keep the dirty things separated from your clean items. Especially bring a bag for wet items especially if you will be doing some swimming or working out! I love this waterproof wet bag and it comes in a ton of colors and patterns.

Pack by outfit! This way you won’t bring individual items that you don’t actually need and won’t wear.

Lay things out before you put them in your bag. This enables you to see what you don’t really need or what you might be missing!

Packing List For Texas

Prepare for Texas Weather

Let’s talk about the weather in Texas! Mostly…it’s hot, but not always! As mentioned above you always want to check the weather before you travel. Obviously, the weather will make a huge difference in what you need to pack for your Texas vacation.

Here is what you can “generally” expect in Texas.

  • June through August: It’ll be warm, hot, and sometimes scorching. It will be warm and often muggy across the state. Summers sometimes come with afternoon showers that don’t do a lot to cool things down.
  • September – November: Don’t expect cool temperatures to have arrived by September in Texas. Most of the time Septembe will still feel like summer. The temperatures will finally start to cool off a little in October and November, but it should still be warm enough for any number of outdoor activities.
  • December – February: January is typically the coldest month of the year. Winters are interesting because temperatures can vary tremendously. You will have a really cold day with freezing temperatures followed by a gorgeous sunshiny 65 degrees. There can even be freak ice storms. However Texas normally has cool but mild winters.
  • March – May: Spring is a gorgeous time to visit Texas. The wildflowers are blooming and the temperatures are warming up. It can still be a little cool in March, but will definitely be warming by April, and will be swimming hole weather by May!

The Texas Style

So, what should you wear in Texas, what is the Texas style, and what do Texans wear?

Want to know the good news about packing for a Texas vacation? Those clothes that you sometimes feel are a bit too “extra?” They won’t be in “most” parts of Texas! Hats and boots and color and bling and fun…those are all acceptable in this larger than life state.

It was a dream come true for me! After all, I grew up in the neighboring state of Arkansas with a grandmother (mawmaw) who always told me, “Emily, there’s no such thing as too much bling” and I assure you that I took her words to heart.

Texans are mostly casual dressers, however people will still look pulled together. Think about dressing in what I would call “cute casual” for the smaller towns and more rural areas. This will still apply for most of the bigger cities unless you will be going out to some shows or fine dining.

Here is what I’ve seen in the bigger cities:

  • Dallas: More city slicker than country mouse. Downtown Dallas is dressier than most other cities in Texas
  • Fort Worth: Dallas and Fort Worth may be next door neighbors but they have a completely different vibe. Fort Worth is definitely more “western” then Dallas. Big hair and boots and bling.
  • Austin: Hippy chic meets cool western. Pretty casual. Denim and graphic tees.

What to Wear in Texas?

Our visit to Texas was in April and the weather was already quite warm while we were there. Some days it was in the 90’s. It was already swimming (or swimming hole) weather!

If you are going anytime but winter you will want to pack clothes for warm weather. If you are going in the winter definitely bring sweaters and a jacket but you probably won’t need anything TOO heavy.

NOTE: People in the south, including Texas, like their air-conditioning y’all. So even in the summer you might want to throw a cardigan in your bag.

In addition to swimming there are lots of other outdoor activities in Texas. You will want to be prepared for hiking, etc. with athletic wear and hiking shoes. If you are planning to go to some of the swimming holes you will want to bring some sturdy water shoes or sandals.

If you want some pretty photos for your Instagram a flow-y dress or two would be a great addition to your Texas vacation packing list especially if you are going to search for wildflowers in the spring!

If you are going to be in the bigger cities and going to nice restaurants bring something a little dressier.

What to Pack For Texas

In addition to your regular clothes you will want to bring:

Water Bottle

You will definitely want to stay hydrated in the Texas heat! Plan to carry a water bottle with you for sightseeing and outdoor activities! You can carry one like the Takeya shown in the photo or a Lifestraw water bottle with a filter straw for hiking.

Hiking Shoes

There are some amazing hikes in the parks of Texas. If you are going to be hiking you will probably want to have a good pair of hiking shoes or boots as the terrain can be rocky with cacti and other prickly plants. In addition there are some snakes in the wilds of Texas. The Salomon hiking shoes are my favorites! But everyone has different needs in a hiking shoe so try them until you find what you like.

Water Shoes

There are some gorgeous swimming holes in Texas! Visiting some of these was one of my favorite things we did on our visit! However, you might have to walk a bit to the swimming hole and the sides of the springs can be rocky as can the bottom of the spring or river or creek. You will definitely want to wear a sturdy pair of water shoes! I have been a Chaco fan for years! This was the perfect shoe for swimming and you will see people wearing them not only hiking but in town as well!


You might want to break out a pair of cowboy boots while you are in Texas. They can just be cute ones or you can go for the real thing! I wore a pair cute white ones while we were there just for fun. If you think you will be doing any horseback riding while you are there you might want to splurge on the real thing like these Justin boots or the Ariat Brand boots in the photo.

Travel Umbrella

Weather in Texas can be unpredictable and they can have some gully washers. Be prepared with a good travel umbrella!


It does not have to be a cowboy hat! But you will probably want something on your head to protect you from the sun. I love hats! A cute straw hat is one of the best things to wear in the summer. This straw hat is adorable and is foldable for travel! You might also want to bring a baseball cap for hiking and other outdoor activities.


If you are going to Texas in the summer you will definitely want to bring something to swim in. I’m kind of ridiculous when it comes to swimsuits so I brought three! For the swimming holes you might want to bring something with a bit of extra coverage for scrambling up and down rocks. I think this gingham suit is adorable and it is very reasonably priced!

Swimsuit Coverup

You will want to bring a fun swimsuit coverup. I really like this tasseled one which comes in a ton of fun colors and patterns. I also love the coverup in the photo with pompoms.


If you plan to do some hiking or other outdoor activities on your trip to Texas you will definitely want to have the right kind of clothing. I suggest something lightweight and quick dry for summer like these water resistant ones. Because the weather can be so hot you might want to consider bringing some that zip off into shorts like this convertible style. You can also just wear a pair of leggings or quick dry shorts for some of your activities. This super simple pair of quick dry shorts would be perfect for a lot of sporty activities.

Cooling Towel

People who haven’t lived in the south have a hard time understanding just how hot he can be down here. Texas is hot, y’all! These cooling towels are perfect for after an outdoor activity. They will help you to feel so much better after hiking or biking or even just taking a walk in the Texas heat.

Denim Shorts

Shorts are definitely acceptable in Texas and almost a necessity in the hot summers. My favorites are denim shorts because they are so versatile. They can be completely casual if you wear a distressed pair with a Tee shirt and tennies. Or even dressed up a little bit with a less distressed or darker denim, cute top and wedge sandals.

Denim shorts are just cute and a southern summertime staple!

Summer Cardigan

I mentioned above how much Texans (and most of the South) likes their air-conditioning. Even if you are traveling in the summer you will probably want to bring alone a lightweight jacket or cardigan to keep the chill off when you are inside a restaurant, museum, or shopping mall. I love this cute crochet cardigan and it comes in several colors!

Hope that gives you some ideas of what to pack and what to wear on a trip to Texas!

If you happen to be planning a trip to San Francisco check out my post about what to wear there.

What I Wore on our Trip to Texas

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