While we were in the Loire Valley we visited Chedigny France the city of roses.

Chedigny France – The City of Roses

Chedigny looks fictional, like a movie set, or a village from the imagination of Walt Disney, or a place from a beautiful dream.

Fortunately, it is real and if you are in the Loire Valley in the spring, particularly in the month of May, you absolutely must visit the town of Chedigny!

Photo of a man walking down the empty streets in Chedigny France. Chedigny is called the city of roses. You can see beautiful pink roses on the houses.
Pink roses on a home in the city of Chedigny France.

Back in 1998 the mayor of Chedigny France decided that his sleepy hamlet should do something to contribute to the reputation of the Loire Valley as the “Garden of France.” So, they planted rose bushes, hundreds and hundreds of rose bushes. The roses have thrived and spread. During month of May the tranquil village comes alive as it hosts the Chedigny festival of roses.

flowers blooming all around a house with purple shutters and a purple door.
stream running through the town of Chedigny in France.

We arrived in the town in the days before the festival of roses. It was glorious! The roses were at their peak. We strolled slowly down the main street of this idyllic little city. It was warm, the sun was bright, the roses covered the buildings. I longed to capture it in my mind, to remember the feeling, to capture the scent.

Oh, the scent! Sun warmed roses with their perfume floating on the light spring breezes, it was otherworldly, I’ve honestly never experienced anything like it. We were completely encompassed by the beautiful sweet smell of the roses in Chedigny.

Close up of pink roses
yellow climbing roses

During the Chedigny festival of roses there are flower stands and artisans and various vendors in the town, but even if you aren’t there for the festival this is a place not to miss. Perhaps it can’t compare to the gardens of the famous chateaux in the region, but Chedigny France has its own special charm and ambiance.

There is a also a very good restaurant in town, Les Clos Aux Roses, and a 13th century church to explore.

church in chedigny France

But really it’s the town itself that is the attraction, and those roses, and that aroma!

Pink and maroon roses climbing on a white wall.

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Chedigny is known as the city of roses! It is a gorgeous town in France that is beautiful year round but especially in the spring when the roses bloom.

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